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Headline News

AdvanIDe reorganises for growth 30 January 2015

AdvanIDe expands its senior management team and reorganises operations to strengthen growth opportunities in established and emerging market segments.

Morpho signs major biometric eBorder contract with UAE 29 January 2015

Morpho (Safran) has signed a major eBorder deal with the United Arab Emirates that includes the implementation of 96 e-Gates and 94 e-Counters in five major airports.  


> SDW 2015: June 9 - 11, QEII, London

The world’s leading document security show – now with an exhibition floor more than 85% sold out - focuses on ePassports, visas, driving licenses, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti- counterfeiting, fraud detection, and much more. The event will provide a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and new cutting-edge secure infrastructure in live situations.


Latvia launches all-singing, all-dancing new passsport 29 January 2015

Latvia has launched a biometric ePassport with a design based on the Latvian Song and Dance Festival.

North Dakota eyes enhanced drivers' licenses with contactless, biometric tech 29 January 2015

North Dakota plans to introduce enhanced drivers' licenses which feature the RFID contactless technology and biometric data storage needed to cross the Canadian border.

Indian state launches digital identity project with Microsoft 29 January 2015

Maharashtra state has launched a digital identity project with Microsoft India that will consolidate welfare schemes that linked to biometric "Aadhaar" ID numbers.

Delaware becomes second US state to plan driving licence app 28 January 2015

Delaware plans to follow Iowa in launching a pilot of a licence that is stored on a device. 

Smart Card Alliance highlights identity progress in 2014 27 January 2015

The Smart Card Alliance has noted progress in its Identity, Access Control and Health and Human Services Councils in 2014.

MULANN reinforces management team 26 January 2015

MULANN announces changes to its management structure to support and enable the company’s plans for growth.

Ireland launches credit-card sized passport for EU travel 26 January 2015

Ireland will launch a smartcard in July which citizens can use for travel within the EU and the European Economic Area.

GenKey launches BioFinger SDK 23 January 2015

GenKey releases BioFinger SDK designed for election and health markets.

Istanbul airport launches biometric entry system 23 January 2015

Istanbul's Ataturk Airport has added four eGates with fingerprint scanners. 

House committee passes US$10 bn border security bill 22 January 2015

A $10 billion border security bill that requires the completion of a biometric entry/exit system has been approved by the Homeland Security Committee

Hong Kong to spend US$387m on upgraded eID cards 22 January 2015

Hong Kong will spend US$387 million on improved citizen ID cards with better microchips and storage capacity.

Canadian passport’s UV features cause online stir 22 January 2015

Canada’s passport has been hailed as “the coolest in the world” after a blogger published images of the passport's designs when shown under blacklight

Morpho wins Slovakia driver’s licence contract 21 January 2015

Morpho (Safran) has won a three-year contract to supply the Slovak Republic with driver’s licences.

Nigeria's SecureID plans first smartcard factory in Lagos 20 January 2015

SecureID plans to build the first EMV-certified smartcard manufacturing plant in Lagos.

Oberthur wins US$102 m contract for Bangladesh ID card 20 January 2015

French firm Oberthur has been awarded a contract for a national Bangladeshi ID project.

Masktech joins GlobalPlatform 19 January 2015

Masktech joins GlobalPlatform as an Observer Member.

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Latest Interviews

Interview: MorphoTrust VP Jenny Openshaw on the future of digital driver's licences

Iowa state's plans to pilot a digital driver's licence stored on a smartphone prompted debate across the globe. MorphoTrust VP Jenny Openshaw discusses how her firm arrived at the concept and how it will evolve over the coming years.

Exhibitor interview: Jura

SDW spoke with prepress and personalisation solutions firm Jura’s marketing manager, Barna Barabas about his firm's plans for SDW 2015.

Exhibitor Interview: GET GROUP

SDW spoke with passport, visa, and ID issuing solutions firm GET GROUP about its plans for SDW 2015.

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Latest Features

National Mobile ID schemes Learning from today's best practices

Looking ahead to 2020, many studies show the predominant role that mobile devices and - more broadly - connected objects, will have in our lives.

Gemalto discusses how some visionary countries have made the leap to mobile identity or m-ID, meaning the creation of a mechanism - initiated using the eID component - for accessing online services with a high level of security thanks to mobile devices.

Securing the weakest links for a safer travel experience

Travel documents confirm the identity of persons and enable seamless and secure international travel but are only as satisfactory as the identification-related systems behind their production, issuance, control and inspection.

Gemalto discusses the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) considers new global approach, the Traveler identification Program (TRIP) initiative.

Electronic Driver's Licenses: Driving towards the future

eDLs present a significant opportunity for issuing authorities to provide meaningful services to motorists. At the same time, these new licenses can simplify administration, provide higher-quality data and services, and can make organizations more efficient. NXP reports.

Looking at the future of travel - The fourth generation of ePassport

The next evolution of the ePassort standard will introduce the ability to add data to the electronic component of the passport post issue, in order to load and read information such as biometric data or electronic visas and entry/exit stamps during its lifetime. Gemalto discusses the importance of selecting the right partners and suppliers for this task.

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SDW Conference and connect:ID News

SDW 2015 sells out in record time

SDW has sold all exhibition space more than six months ahead of the SDW 2015 show.

SDW 2014 Press Release

Held at the height of the English summer, SDW 2014, the world's leading next-generation government and citizen identity conference and exhibition continued to demonstrate its importance to the secure document and identity industry, once again breaking attendance records and consolidating its place on the industry’s calendar as ‘the must-attend event’.

connect:ID 2014 in stats

The overwhelming success of the inaugural connect:ID exhibition and conference at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, DC exceeded expectations for event hosts - the IBIA and Science Media Partners.

Plans underway for connect:ID 2015

Preparations are well underway for connect:ID 2015

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connect:ID 2015 23-25 March 2015
INTERPOL World 2015 14-16 April 2015
Biometric China 2015 9-11 May 2015
SDW 2015 9-11 June 2015

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