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BIO-key and Experian collaborate on ID 23 July 2014

BIO-key International enters strategic relationship with Experian Public Sector.

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DVLA scraps paper counterpart 22 July 2014

DVLA says from January 2015 it will no longer issue the paper counterpart to photocard driving licenses.

HID Global teams with Eid Passport 21 July 2014

HID Global seals a deal to supply its ActivID Credential Management System to Eid Passport for its new PIV-I managed service.

Jim Ousley joins Identiv board 18 July 2014

James ‘Jim’ Ousley to join Identiv board of directors from 31 July 2014.

Madrid SAC ePassport interoperability tests throw up mixed results 17 July 2014

The results from the most recent SAC interoperability tests in Madrid have been released with improved performance, but some "astonishing" results.

Kyrgyzstan to register citizens' biometrics - paves the way for ePassports 17 July 2014

The President of Kyrgyzstan has signed into law a plan to register the biometrics of all Kyrgyz Republic citizens over the age of 16 by August 2015. It is expected that biometric passports will be issued from 2016.

Gemalto, Datacard and Morpho come out top in ABI assessment 16 July 2014

Gemalto, Datacard and Morpho ranked the top three by ABI Research’s latest Government & Healthcare ID: Smart Card and Legacy Credentials Competitive Assessment.

PIV certification for M2SYS 16 July 2014

M2SYS Technology's M2-FuseID smart fingerprint reader receives FBI Personal Identity Verification certification. 

Cross Match solutions listed on G-Cloud 15 July 2014

Cross Match announces availability of its biometric solutions to enable criminal booking, mobile ID, enrolment and border verification  via the UK’s G-Cloud CloudStore.

Sri Lanka eyes biometric passports 14 July 2014

New biometric passport project in Sri Lanka supported by Australia

Málaga Airport launches ABC service 11 July 2014

Málaga Airport’s Automated Border Control management system comes into service.

GSA gives Identiv the thumbs up 11 July 2014

Identiv’s Physical Access Control System solution now included on FICAM’s Approved Products List (APL).

National eID card holders to top 3.5 billion by 2018 10 July 2014

The number of National eID cards in circulation will double from 1.75 billion to 3.5 billion between 2013-2018

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Latest Features

Electronic Driver's Licenses: Driving towards the future

eDLs present a significant opportunity for issuing authorities to provide meaningful services to motorists. At the same time, these new licenses can simplify administration, provide higher-quality data and services, and can make organizations more efficient. NXP reports.

Looking at the future of travel - The fourth generation of ePassport

The next evolution of the ePassort standard will introduce the ability to add data to the electronic component of the passport post issue, in order to load and read information such as biometric data or electronic visas and entry/exit stamps during its lifetime. Gemalto discusses the importance of selecting the right partners and suppliers for this task.

Taking a holistic approach for government ID card programs

Organizations need to take more of a holistic approach when selecting the right desktop printer for a government ID program – part of this includes the print technology, but it also includes the quality of the card, durability and security features put on the card, and overall cost of the program. Datacard reports…

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