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All the latest news and information on the development of document anti-counterfeiting features used in the production and personalization of next-generation secure documents.

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IQ Structures introduces aging resistant holograms 17 June 2019

Identification of genuine holograms is often made difficult because they lose part of their brilliance with ageing

Laxton Group to launch Chameleon D 17 June 2019

Laxton will launch the ChameleonD next week, an addition to the Chameleon Biometrics family of products in the form factor of an integrated, multi-modal biometric desktop device.

Vision-Box top ranked on Nist test 06 June 2019

Vision-Box has submitted its facial recognition algorithm to tests by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), outperforming other top competitors. 

How do self-service kiosk systems accelerate EES border control processes? 06 June 2019

In this interview, Michael Schwaiger, Senior Product Manager in the Homeland Security division of Germany's secunet gives us some background info about the biometric Entry/Exit System (EES)

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SailPoint launches 'Predictive Identity' 04 June 2019

SailPoint Technologies, a developer of enterprise identity governance, today unveiled the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform.

100 million ePassports issued by 24 countries carrying Paragon ID's patented technology 30 May 2019

Paragon ID, a provider of identification solutions for Transport, e-ID, Traceability, Brand Protection and Payment, has announced that it has delivered its 100 millionth RFID inlay (embedded chip and antenna) and cover for an ePassport.

Identiq raises $5M seed 29 May 2019

 Identiq announced today the launch of its Anonymous Verification Network.

Regula launches mobile document authenticator 29 May 2019

Regula has recently released a new product – mobile document authenticator Regula 1120, which may now turn a smartphone into a specialized device for automated document authentication.

Wirecard partners with India to create Digital Taxpayer ID Cards 23 May 2019

Wirecard, a digital financial technology firm, has partnered with India’s government-owned company UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL), to facilitate the issuing of physical and digital taxpayer identification cards.

UK govt delivers early on expanded ePassport gates 23 May 2019

The UK government has delivered early on the commitment made in its spring statement to allow nationals from seven countries to use ePassport gates from June onwards.

HK to launch applications for next-generation ePassport 16 May 2019

Hong Kong citizens and qualified applicants will be able to apply for the next-generation HKSAR electronic passport (e-Passport) this week, local media reports.

UK government starts to accept Apple Pay 09 May 2019

The UK government has announced that it will now allow payments, including visa paymets, to be made with mobile phones through Apple Pay and Google Pay.  

Guest Post: Vehicle identification and document protection 09 May 2019

Vehicles without proper registrations cause massive damage worldwide—from tax losses to vehicle thefts to higher security risks such as the circumvention of access controls

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HID Global - Mobile ID solutions for government-to-citizen applications

Citizen ID documents such as national IDs and driver licenses will ultimately follow the trend toward mobility.

NEW! - eMRTDs – The importance of digital certificates
Electronic machine-readable travel documents (eMRTDs) are well-known for their good security. But the correct use of digital certificates in these documents is the difference between good security and superior security. Georg Hasse and Michael Schlüter of secunet Security Networks AG report
SDW InterOp 2013 results
Results from the latest in the series of international ePassport interoperability testing events - SDW InterOp 2013 - have been announced with largely positive results. The event, which was held alongside SDW 2013 on 21-23 May in London, focused on the new Supplemental Access Control (SAC) mechanism, which will be implemented by various countries from 31 December 2014.
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