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Thales and Inetum deliver border management at Valencia and Bilbao Airports 25 March 2021

Thales and Inetum provide the airports of Valencia and Bilbao with more than 45 Automatic Border Control gates ( ABC Gates ) leveraging facial recognition and automatic document verification.

Denmark launches a call for tenders for the vaccine passport 17 March 2021

Denmark has called for IT firms to bid towards the development of a COVID-19 vaccination app.

Veridos and idpeople win ePassport tender 24 February 2021

The Kingdom of Denmark, represented by the Danish National Police, has enlisted Veridos, a world-leading provider of integrated identity solutions, and the Danish ID specialist idpeople to design, produce and personalize new electronic passports

Ping Identity reveals ‘Project COVID Freedom’ 17 February 2021

Ping Identity, an Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise, announced Project COVID Freedom which leverages its recent acquisition of ShoCard personal identity

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Infineon and DIGISEQ develop secured physical asset verification 04 February 2021

In a joint project, Infineon Technologies and DIGISEQ, an IoT platform provider with end-to-end service, utilize SECORA Blockchain NFC technology to deliver secured identity data. 

IDEMIA unveils Mobile ID in Oklahoma 20 January 2021

IDEMIA today announced the next generation of Oklahoma’s Mobile ID in partnership with the Department of Public Safety. Available now for download, the updated Oklahoma Mobile ID app will include new features and use cases to benefit residents throughout the state.

NetGuardians raises US$19m 21 December 2020

Award-winning Swiss FinTech NetGuardians, renowned for its smarter AI-based enterprise risk platform for combating banking fraud, today announced it has successfully completed a new round of funding.

Botswana reinforces ePassport partnership with Veridos 16 December 2020

Botswana acting through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has placed an additional order for state-of-the-art ePassports with Veridos

COVID 'changing the face of fraud': Onfido 10 December 2020

Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication provider, is today launching its Identity Fraud Report 2020, which reveals that the risk of identity fraud has increased significantly with attacks occurring more frequently since the start of the pandemic. 

KINEGRAM Optical Machine Authentication commercially available 26 November 2020

OVD Kinegram AG, a leading supplier of security products aimed at protecting identities, has recently released new software solutions for the optical machine authentication of KINEGRAM security features. 

eID verification service added to Macao integrated self-service kiosks 25 November 2020

Holders of electronic Macao Special Administrative Region Resident Identity Card can verify their electronic ID cards with integrated self-service kiosks located at 48 locations in Macao. 

TSA at Yeager Airport gets new credential authentication tech 23 November 2020

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at Yeager Airport is now using new technology that confirms the validity of a traveler’s identification and confirms their flight information in near real time.

Uber and AU10TIX launch new safety measures 19 November 2020

Uber Technologies, has partnered with AU10TIX, a global identity verification and authentication platform, to implement a program in cities in Mexico, Argentina and Chile that helps verify the identity of new riders

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HID Global - Mobile ID solutions for government-to-citizen applications

Citizen ID documents such as national IDs and driver licenses will ultimately follow the trend toward mobility.

NEW! - eMRTDs – The importance of digital certificates
Electronic machine-readable travel documents (eMRTDs) are well-known for their good security. But the correct use of digital certificates in these documents is the difference between good security and superior security. Georg Hasse and Michael Schlüter of secunet Security Networks AG report
SDW InterOp 2013 results
Results from the latest in the series of international ePassport interoperability testing events - SDW InterOp 2013 - have been announced with largely positive results. The event, which was held alongside SDW 2013 on 21-23 May in London, focused on the new Supplemental Access Control (SAC) mechanism, which will be implemented by various countries from 31 December 2014.
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