HID outlines 2014 trends


HID Global has released its projections for the top trends that it believes will have the greatest impact on the secure identity industry in 2014. The predictions cover a diverse range of solutions and technologies, including anticipated advances in physical and logical access control, secure issuance, identity assurance, visitor management, eID and secure asset tracking.

Selva Selvaratnam, senior vice president and chief technology officer, HID Global, also anticipates a decline in the use of passwords for securing resources as organisations extend strong authentication across their IT infrastructure and out to the door. This can also accelerate the convergence of physical and logical access control that will drive a more seamless user experience when securing doors, data and the cloud.

“HID Global’s history of innovation, industry experience and broad view of the market through our partners and end user customers puts us in an ideal position to forecast developing solutions and technology trends,” says Dr Selvaratnam. “As a follow-up to last year’s predictions, we are now sharing the top trends we believe will shape the market during 2014 and beyond. These are exciting times, as the industry continues to make it even easier for organisations to improve security, adapt to evolving threats, and simplify the day-to-day work life for their users.”

Dr Selvaratnam has identified the following trends to watch in 2014:

·      The industry is quickly moving beyond static, proprietary access control architectures to more secure, open and adaptable solutions, supporting customer demand for new products and technologies that support their businesses.

·      Integrating physical access control with IT security will bring new benefits while changing how organisations operate.

·      Strong authentication will continue to grow in importance in the face of a rapidly changing IT security threat environment. It will also move to the door and include other factors such as biometrics and gestures.

·      Strong authentication will increasingly be implemented using a multi-layered security strategy.

·      Mobile access control will continue to be rolled out in stages and use various wireless technologies.

·      The market will enter a new era of NFC authentication services.

·      The migration of intelligence to the door will continue with the further adoption of IP architectures and future use of smartphones for access control.

·      Printing and encoding advances will simplify card personalisation. The market will increasingly see faster printing and encoding solutions, more durable card materials, and solutions that enable ‘anywhere/anytime’ distributed issuance capabilities.

·      Visitor management systems will continue to move beyond businesses to schools, hospitals and other institutions where high-profile incidents have proven that safety and security shouldn’t be left to paper logs.

·      There will be accelerating worldwide adoption of multi-purpose eID credentials.


Dr Selvaratnam says: “In 2014, we will continue to see governments adopting eIDs to streamline government-to-citizen services.  Powerful multi-purpose eID credentials can maintain the highest levels of security while addressing objectives such as entry to secure facilities, faster border crossing, and access to health and social services. Secure issuance is also a big part of the eID revolution.  In 2014, we will see the market continue to shift from a centralised issuance mindset as governments focus on achieving increased efficiencies, convenience and enhanced productivity through distributed identity personalization. We will also see continued developments in technologies that prevent counterfeiting and obstruct tampering, while facilitating quick and accurate authentication of cards, ePassports and other eID documents. Innovative breakthroughs, such as crack prevention technology, will enable governments to reap the economic and programmatic rewards of highly secure eIDs that are far more durable.”

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HID outlines 2014 trends
HID outlines 2014 trends

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