SCLA partners with FSU-Panama


Millions of smart cards are in use today in Latin America and the Caribbean in ePassports, secure government, healthcare, EMV chip cards, mobile payments, smart transit fare cards, enterprise IDs and more. To foster the technology’s growth and successful smart card-related careers in the region, the Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA) has signed a five-year agreement with Florida State University (FSU) – Panama for the development of an industry Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) Center of Excellence. The Center will expand smart card-based education programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Demand is growing for smart card technology for its ability to enable secure and convenient transactions across a wide variety of markets,” says Edgar Betts, director of SCALA. “We are looking forward to working with educational leader FSU – Panama to provide the professional development resources necessary for organisations to meet demand and create new, innovative applications for the technology.”

Through this agreement, SCALA and FSU – Panama will create a comprehensive centre of excellence to train and certify existing and new executives in the industry on smart card technology and its applications in identity, healthcare, security, financial, transportation and telecoms industries. The centre will also aim to develop FSU – Panama students into new industry professionals through SCALA educational programmes and internships at smart card-related companies. Other planned deliverables include industry reports and smart card training materials for other educational institutions.

“While smart card technology plays an important role in many industries in the region, such as government identity programs and payments, information and professional training on the technology are limited,” says Dr Carlos Langoni, rector of FSU – Panama. “By working with SCALA on the Center of Excellence, our goal is develop students’ smart card expertise and enable current and future executives to have successful careers in smart card-related industries.”


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SCLA partners with FSU-Panama
SCLA partners with FSU-Panama

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