Securing the weakest links for a safer travel experience


Travel documents confirm the identity of persons and enable seamless and secure international travel but are only as satisfactory as the identification-related systems behind their production, issuance, control and inspection.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) considers a new global approach, the Traveler identification Program (TRIP) initiative, a framework for security and facilitation, bringing together border controls, travel document security and identification management.

With robust electronic travel documents widely deployed worldwide, ICAO is focusing its efforts on the major links of the traveler identification program, from the identification of a travel document application to the issuance process and the inspection systems.

To guarantee a smooth progression to more comprehensive traveler’s identification and ensure full interoperability compliance, it is important to select partners and suppliers with long-standing experience of the travel market and a proven track-record in identity related-systems.

This white paper is provided Gemalto.

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