Smart Card Alliance to host EPACS and smart card workshop


The Smart Card Alliance is set to host a smart card workshop at ISC West 2015 in Las Vegas in April 2015.

It is running the workshop, ‘Enterprise Physical Access Control Systems (EPACS) using smart card technology for government and commercial organizations’, at the Sands Convention Center, from 8:30am-5:pm PT on 14 April.

Registration, agenda and other details are available at

According to the Alliance, this interactive workshop, which is being presented by its Access Control Council, will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the new physical access control systems (PACS) architectures, the use of high assurance credentials with EPACS, and the impact this move has on PACS implementation. It will also include in-depth sessions on EPACS architecture, smart card technology use for authentication, EPACS integration with the enterprise IT infrastructure, standards for EPACS credentials, federal government standards, procurement processes and mandatory training requirements for EPACS, and use of mobile devices for access control. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion with PACS suppliers and EPACS implementers to provide insights into EPACS implementation best practices and directions.

“Traditional physical access control systems are evolving to an enterprise architecture with government and commercial organisations increasingly using smart card technology for high assurance identity verification,” says Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance.

“This workshop will provide practical guidance for organisations who seek to understand how these architectures are changing and how to implement standards-based credentials based on smart card technology for high assurance identity verification.”

Session topics include:

?   Evolution of PACS to EPACS using smart card technology

?   Smart card technology in EPACS

?   EPACS and the IT infrastructure

?   Standards for EPACS deployments

?   Mobile devices and physical access control

?   Government procurement of EPACS

?   EPACS project implementation

?   EPACS best practices

The Smart Card Alliance recently launched a GSA-approved training and certification programme for systems integration engineers implementing ICAM standards-based EPACS. This provides advanced training on how to set up and test EPACS to align with government-wide specifications.


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Smart Card Alliance to host EPACS and smart card workshop
Smart Card Alliance to host EPACS and smart card workshop

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