GlobalPlatform launches identity task force


Secure chip technology standards organisation GlobalPlatform has announced the launch of a dedicated Identity Task Force (IDTF) that will define identity, authentication and privacy use cases across the government, enterprise and consumer landscape, as well as determine GlobalPlatform’s role in addressing the long term needs of identity and eID deployments across all three sectors

Philip Hoyer, Director of Strategic Innovation at HID Global has been appointed as Chair of the IDTF. The IDTF is currently comprised of representatives from 40 GlobalPlatform member companies.

“With modern services and user experiences being seamlessly distributed between mobile devices and the cloud, leveraging the new internet of things, identity and its related use cases are the binding security ingredient that will make them personal, secure and private,” said Philip.

“GlobalPlatform is in a unique position to provide proven and tested security technology and components, allowing for true trusted credentials based on smart cards, secure elements (SE) and the trusted execution environment (TEE) to interoperate across the different solutions provided by the GlobalPlatform members.”

The IDTF will support further development of GlobalPlatform technologies by providing input related to identity and authentication business requirements to the organization’s technical committees.

A key goal of the IDTF will be the advancement of GlobalPlatform Specifications to encourage developers to capitalize on the ability of the TEE and SE to host secure identity services on mobile devices, as well as on traditional smart credentials and embedded into the internet of things.

“The IDTF has evolved from our Government Task Force to ensure a broader view of how identity requirements are incorporated from both public and private sectors,” comments Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform.

“Identity, authentication and privacy are becoming even more important for governments, enterprises and consumers as an increasing volume of sensitive data is stored and shared. The IDTF will provide a valuable platform for ID industry leaders to come together to define and develop GlobalPlatform’s proposition for this market to drive innovation in secure identity.”

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