Entrust Datacard reveals enhanced passport issuance system


Entrust Datacard has announced new enhancements to the Datacard PB6500TM passport issuance system,which the firm says will enable government agencies to optimise passport security, increase efficiency and lower overall operational costs.

Based on extensive research and development as well as continuing market demands for increased security, Entrust Datacard has enhanced the PB6500 system and its proven process of personalizing passport books with variable data by integrating unique technologies during the production process that help reduce counterfeit passports and imposters, including:

Datacard Photo Optimization Software, which automatically enhances primary photos during the personalization run by improving contrast and adjusting photos that are too dark or washed out. Clearer, sharper primary photos assist government officials in deterring a growing threat to security – including those who are traveling under someone else’s ID.

Fully pigmented, more durable inks for use on paper pages in passports.  More governments are choosing to expand passport personalization to the third page, where additional ghost photos and variable text can increase difficulty for counterfeiters.
Inline Laser Perforation to create a perforated series of holes or shapes through a passport book, thus providing a security feature that is present on the inner pages of the book and back cover, without the traditional issues of fumes or water cooling apparatus that usually relegate this functionality to a central issuance site.

Additionally, the newly-enhanced system offers increased throughput up to 300 BPH (books per hour) without compromising the small footprint and true field modularity that Entrust Datacard offers to its customers.

“There continues to be new threats every day that push governments to elevate security and integrate the most advanced technologies into their passport programs,” said Dan Good, Entrust Datacard vice president of central issuance and services product management. “The challenge for these organizations is to cost-effectively implement new technologies that help combat these threats while also protecting their investments and systems. That is precisely why Entrust Datacard continues to enhance our solutions to meet the needs of our customers. With the PB6500 system, our customers get consistent and efficient production and true field modularity that contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.”

The PB6500 system will be on display at ICAO’s Eleventh Symposium and Exhibition on Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs), from 14 to 16 October 2015 at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada.

Entrust Datacard will be exhibiting at connect:ID 2016, 14-16 March, Washington DC. connect:ID is an international conference and exhibition that focuses on all aspects of identity technologies and the opportunities for their management in both the physical and digital worlds. www.connectidexpo.com

Entrust Datacard will also be exhibiting at SDW 2016, 10-12 May, London, UK. SDW is a world-leading conference and exhibition event providing a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and on the new cutting-edge secure infrastructure now required to produce and use these advanced documents in live situations. www.sdw2016.com

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