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Security Document World talks to Sergey Yeliseyev, the co-owner of X INFOTECH and Business Development Director in the Government eID sector.

Tell us a bit about your company and how it fits into the biometric and identity ecosystem?

In the past 9 years, X INFOTECH has massively invested in R&D and grown steadily into a leading systems integrator and developer of software suite. We give the security, control, flexibility along with state-of-art technologies the government needs to power the issuance, management and verification of electronic ID documents in in a fast and effective manner.

In a nutshell, the company constantly strives to exceed government expectations and turn its vision into a successful project across the areas of biometric enrolment, de-duplication check, identification and production management of electronic ID document and individual’s identity, PKI, post issuance and border control.  

Our solutions, fully independent and flexible, are scaled to meet the needs of biometric and identity programs, supporting any environment, equipment or chip type. Based on unique expertise and an innovative approach, X INFOTECH has become the number one choice, preferred solution and service provider for hundreds of clients in 45 countries.

What do you see as most important drivers and detractors for the secure documents and biometrics industry over the coming year?

An increasing threat to the global security has highlighted the importance of secure documents with multi-factor authentication and biometrics, e.g. face, iris, fingerprint, palms, veins, DNA.

While the industry and technologies continuously evolve at the point of enrolment, authentication and border control, the essence of biometrics remains the same to identify and verify the identity, build trust and connect people with the government.  The most recent advancement, driving the industry along with the speed of identification and authentication, is a handheld device (mobile, tablet, special devices) with embedded biometric technologies, which create new opportunities in the functionality while challenging privacy and data protection.

Over the years, X INFOTECH has created a unique blend of the eID products based on a strong technical background. The company has worked hard to establish a credible reputation among the industry leaders in the provision of electronic ID document solutions across the globe. In the upcoming years, X INFOTECH will strive to leverage the local presence in the key markets to reach the end-users.

What are some of the biggest challenges in completing government eID projects?

Every eID project is an exclusive challenge which builds up a valuable experience and know-how in several areas. The current heterogeneity of eID infrastructures requires an in-depth understanding of the project complexity in order to ensure interoperability between legal, organizational and technological layers. 

Local legislation and the lack of a common legal basis at the international level brings new constraints on both sides – policy makers and vendors.

Within the context of a global approach, eID solution providers and integrators raise the issue how a lack of interoperability between various combinations of solution bricks and equipment may stand in the way of project implementation. However, X INFOTECH’s premium turnkey solutions are flexible enough to ensure seamless implementation of very complex projects and that is why the company has become a preferred solution provider for well-known eID industry players and already involved into 7-10 complex government eID projects every year.

Can you tell us something unique about your firm that not many people know?

The compelling story about X INFOTECH is the history how a small group of visionary individuals, back in 2006, started a business in the banking smart card sector, distributing partner products and personalization solutions. Three years later, we counted on a solid set of technical skills and developed our first software modules for banking cards. Step by step, investing in R&D and building a team of experts, we innovated and released a complete EMV solution while penetrating a new market – electronic ID documents.

10 years later, X INFOTECH has established a strong position as an independent supplier of integrated premium solutions for the entire identity and document management chain. The company has successfully completed complex eID projects across the globe - Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin-America. The demand for X INFOTECH solutions remains high and the company is facing continuous business growth, doubling its business over the past years.

X INFOTECH is a true success story that has allowed the company and its partners to grow the business and make a positive impact on the identity and biometrics ecosystem. 



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Sergey Yeliseyev, co-owner of X INFOTECH and Business Development Director in the Government eID sector.
Sergey Yeliseyev, co-owner of X INFOTECH and Business Development Director in the Government eID sector.

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