Entrust Datacard adds new features to document solution


Entrust Datacard says it has issued new and upgraded features to its Entrust Document Signing Certificates solution, including supporting digital signatures for Adobe and Microsoft Office documents to secure legally binding documents. 

Customers who have implemented Entrust Document Signing Certificates use the solution to provide visual trust indicators to verify the publisher’s identity and to confirm that the document has not been altered in transmission.

“Entrust Signing Certificates provide our customers with best-in-class document signing security and new features that allow them to easily incorporate it into their business processes,” says Sam Morcos, general manager, certificate services at Entrust Datacard. “With more and more legally binding documents being sent or delivered digitally, it has become increasingly important that individuals and organisations have the ability to easily sign and ensure the security of documents.”

According to the company, documents signed with an Entrust Document Signing Certificate contain visual trust indicators that provide recipients with proof that the sender’s identity has been verified and that the document has not been altered during transmission. When a Document Signing Certificate is opened, a trust dialogue is immediately presented at the top of the document. Visual indicators enable recipients to verify the signature’s authenticity and to determine whether or not the document has been altered since the initial signing. Additionally, real-time assurance verifies the authenticity of a document throughout its lifetime, not just upon the initial transmission.

Before issuing a Document Signing Certificate, all registrants are vetted through a stringent verification process to ensure proper identity.  Once a registrant’s identification information is verified, they are provided with a digital ID which is used to apply a trusted digital signature to a document.


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Entrust Datacard adds new features to document solution
Entrust Datacard adds new features to document solution

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