ITW Security Division unveils new product


ITW Security Division has launched the PC Protek printed polycarbonate (PC), which enables governments and document issuers to incorporate security features within ID cards and passports to protect them from counterfeits and provide authentication.

The company says: “Previously the features used in PC products were limited due to the combination of high heat and pressure during their manufacturing process and so many security features were only possible within traditional laminates and overlays. This often meant that secure document designers had to choose between the advantages of a PC structure and the authentication provided by premium security features.”

It adds: “PC Protek has changed this, enabling designers to create a secure, durable card that cannot be delaminated, ensuring a 10 year document life, together with highly secure technology features that add depth and complexity to protect it from counterfeiting and enable easier authentication.”

“Polycarbonate has become the substrate of choice for many ID and document programmes worldwide, due to its durability and 10 year life span,” says Bob Carey, ITW Security Division’s Business Unit manager. “The challenge, however, was how to add the security and authentication features seen in other substrates. By harnessing the experience and technologies available from our Fasver team we have been able to incorporate a wide range of patented and unique security features that offer the best of both worlds – a highly durable and secure card or passport.”

According to ITW Security Division, PC Protek is unique to its customers with a range of overt, covert and forensic security technologies available for integration into the PC card or passport page structure. Meeting the demand for Level 1 security features that are easily validated by officials, PC Protek now enables a number of highly visual printed security technologies to be added.

The company claims that its expertise ensures that effects such as metallic and thermochromic inks as well as the unique OVTek which employs proprietary technology to create an optically variable colour pattern depending on the angle of view, are able to withstand the PC manufacturing process and therefore protect the card’s variable data without effecting the personalisation laser.

“We are already seeing tremendous interest in our PC Protek due to its unique capacity to introduce high impact printed security technologies within the structure of the final document; security is literally built into the PC Protek card,” says Bob Carey. “This, combined with the experience of our Covid & Fasver teams, means that ITW Security Division is now more than ever able to meet the demanding production requirements of personal ID and secure government documents worldwide.” 

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ITW Security Division unveils new product
ITW Security Division unveils new product

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