Matica research reveals interest in city smart cards


Newly commissioned research from Matica Technologies shows that nearly two-thirds of citizens in four EU countries believe that access to multiple public services through a single smart card is essential for effective service delivery in their local area.

As well as using the smart card to validate ID (voted in by 78%), people are most interested in accessing concessions (78%), transport (76%) and health and social services (75%) through the single city smart card.

Matica says the research interviewed consumers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain about their attitude towards public services if they could be accessed through one secure smart card.  It adds: “Given that the majority consider such developments ‘essential’ in their local area, the study’s findings suggest that we can expect a growing demand for cities to use more smart card programmes to provide better access to public services.”

“As city infrastructures evolve, we are committed to developing our market intelligence, engineering and technology to retain our position as the world’s leading provider of secure smart cards. This research provides considerable insights,” says Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies.

“Our study indicates that there is significant public interest in using one smart card per citizen to better access a number of public services. In turn, this suggests that a city that creates a way of offering these services through a digitally connected world will garner popularity from its residents. This constitutes an ideal, yet practical, way to ascertain ‘smart city’ status.

“Aside from citizen convenience, we also live in a world of big data. As long as big data is secured, the city’s governing authority can improve services and reduce delivery costs through unprecedented market insights collected from smart cards, which also proves to be incredibly cost-effective. This is much more useful than assessing people’s habits and the success of services in artificial silos.”



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Matica research highlights interest in city smart cards
Matica research highlights interest in city smart cards

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