Intergraf certification for Safran


Safran Identity & Security has been awarded the Intergraf ISO 14298 certification for its production facility in Taubaté, Brazil. This certification specifies the highest possible security requirements for certain printing systems, ensuring that the plant uses the most secure set of processes to fight fraud.

“This latest certification underscores our commitment to providing the highest level of security and ensuring privacy of data for our customers,” says Marcello Bellini Garcia, managing director at Morpho do Brasil and vice president, Sales, LATAM. “This certification guarantees maximum security, from development to deployment of printed ID products.”

Safran Identity & Security says that, in 2014, its plant in the Netherlands was the first in the world to gain Intergraf certification, while in 2016, the MorphoTrust plant in the US was the first in the country to achieve the ISO 14298 requirements.

Intergraf is a not-for-profit association representing 19 printing associations in 21 European countries. It works with European institutions to promote and protect the interests of the graphics industry.


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Intergraf certification for Safran
Intergraf certification for Safran

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