Interview: Get Group's Gerald Hubbard


Ahead of connect:ID 2017, Security Document World took time-out to speak to Gerald Hubbard, director of business development  at Get Group

GET Group NA will be at connect:ID in Booth 311

In terms of secure Identity documents, what are the future challenges?

The increased sophistication of counterfeiters and the ability to acquire equipment and supplies to accurately duplicate identity document security features is a major challenge, coupled with a lack of standards in the U.S for breeder documents. 

Although new technologies for electronic authentication of physical and electronic features of secure documents is beneficial, this technology needs to be available at the point of inspection - which is not always at a border entry point.

What are the vital factors to be considered in developing an end-to-end document issuing & security verification solution?

There are many critical factors that must go in to an end-to-end document issuing & security verification solution.  Key factors for a secure document solution include:

·         User interface (self-service vs. attended)

·         Workflow for identity proofing and issuance approval (separation of duties)

·         Document security features and layout or overlapping security features

·         Secure issuance models – distributed vs. central issuance

·         Secure credential authentication – Level 1,2, 3 physical features and electronic credential authentication capabilities

·         Life cycle management of the secure document – considerations for expiration, if lost/stolen, etc.

What are the vital trends in personalization that GG is developing solutions for?

GET Group NA is continuing to develop secure enrollment and capture solutions. We offer a biometric solution which features live enrollment capabilities so that all captured biometric data is collected at one time, thus ensuring data is securely tied to the applicant. This reduces the enrollment time to just a few minutes; secures the process from application input to immediate ID document production output; and allows biometric data to be in compliance with the highest standards and regulations. 

At connect:ID 2017, we are debuting GET CIV card, a Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) smart card compliant with the U.S. government’s  FIPS201-2 specifications for identity credentials. GET CIV is a secure corporate ID which combines physical and digital identification, enabling a high degree of trust in both logical and physical access systems within the issuing organization’s PKI and policies.

We’re also working on additional security features to implement with both 600dpi pigment ink printers exclusive to GET Group and laser engraving equipment.

Additionally, we are preparing to launch a mobile ID app for migrating the physical credential to the ubiquitous form factor of mobile phones.

What do you see as key areas of growth in N and S America?

There are multiple areas where we see the opportunity for growth for GET Group NA.

We expect to widen distribution of the GET CP500 printer platform with the 600dpi pigment ink personalization printing capability in government programs.

We also plan to grow distribution and support of enterprise programs to address organizational requirements for leveraging secure physical and mobile credentials in access management programs (ICAM).

What is your take on emerging areas of identity such as mobile ID and blockchain?

With the ubiquity of mobile devices and the emerging standards, mobile ID, coupled with the required security, can be implemented to address many value-add requirements beyond simple identification.   Mobile devices have the capability to implement many public key infrastructure (PKI) functions such as email signing and encryption, document signing for non-repudiation, and secure access to both physical and logical portals with the ability to manage access authorizations and validity in “real time”.

Blockchain will slowly work its way into identity management.  We are 15 years into the migration of identity credentials adopting chip technology and we have years to go before full adoption and realization of the value proposition for leveraging additional services is achieved.  Blockchain will see a similar if not slightly faster adoption rate with stakeholders becoming more comfortable with advanced technologies.


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