GlobalPlatform simplifies management of privacy-enhanced ID documents


GlobalPlatform has published its Card Privacy Framework and Privacy-Enhanced ID Configuration. According to the organisation, the technology helps governments and identity issuers to enable state of the art privacy and security for smart card-based digital identity programmes, such as ePassports, driving licenses and eID documents. The framework and configuration bring together a range of widely deployed standards, allowing programme managers to answer the latest global and regional privacy requirements.

“Governments, enterprises and individuals are demanding greater privacy,” says Gil Bernabeu, technical director at GlobalPlatform. “ID providers need to migrate from their current ID documents to align with new personal data management regulations. We have created a simple universal tool to enable the swift and efficient deployment of privacy-enhanced technologies, that are aligned with the latest geographic and market sector requirements. We call on governments and identity programme managers to request alignment with this framework to enhance the privacy and security of their new projects.”

The GlobalPlatform Privacy Framework gives implementers the tools and knowledge of ‘how’ regulatory privacy guidelines can be applied using GlobalPlatform’s Card Specifications. It integrates a range of protocols that can be combined, or applied individually. This enables ID providers to answer the new regional demand to enhance the privacy of digital identity services on ID document while supporting current applications to aid the migration. 

The GlobalPlatform Privacy Enhanced ID Configuration explains how to configure Secure Elements to implement the additional features and protocols defined in the GlobalPlatform Privacy Framework. The documents ensure digital identity services can be effectively managed, irrespective of the protocols used, and allow the addition or removal of protocols over time as requirements change. 

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GlobalPlatform simplifies management of privacy-enhanced ID documents
GlobalPlatform simplifies management of privacy-enhanced ID documents

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