New patent for Cryptomathic


Cryptomathic has been granted a new global patent (KR20170005400 (A)), which defines a method and system for generating an eSignature with the highest level of non-repudiation.

According to the company, the patent relates to delivering a true What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) experience when users digitally sign documents remotely. The WYSIWYS term was coined by Cryptomathic founders in the late 90s, and focuses on being able to demonstrate that users only sign authentic documents, ie that the document has not been tampered with during the signature process. Together with the user’s sole control of their signature keys, WYSIWYS is central to the process of ensuring non-repudiation. Cryptomathic Signer delivers WYSIWYS technology and is used as a remote signature server to sign documents and transactions at the qualified level in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.

“Remote Qualified eSignatures address a key challenge many companies face in their digitalisation strategy, namely the implementation of legally binding eSignatures that do not impede the user experience,” says Guillaume Forget, MD and coinventor, Cryptomathic. “This is what our Cryptomathic Signer offering is about. This additional patent reinforces our leadership position in remote server signing and WYSIWYS. We have set the technology benchmark to ensure that eSignatures are generated by the wilful act of a given signatory and will continue to innovate to serve our banking and eGovernment clients.”

The What You See Is What You Sign concept was invented by Cryptomathic in 1998, to enhance the security of digital signatures – and is one of the attributes of Cryptomathic Signer.


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New patent for Cryptomathic
New patent for Cryptomathic

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