Optaglio details market growth in holographic paper


The global market for holographic paper is expected to surge during the next five years, says Optaglio. 

The firm said that itself along with K Laser (China) a Jinjia Group (Taiwan) are currently the dominant players and will keep strong positions up to at least 2022.  Avery Dennison (USA) and Interfilms India also play an important role in the market development. It is concluded in recently published research by Apex Market Report.

Although there is a prevailing trend from paper ID documents to plastic, the holographic paper market expands. Issuers want to enhance protection of documents, such as stamps, revenue labels, birth certificates, diplomas etc. These documents are usually protected by adding protection elements, but some issuers prefer to use also holographic substance for making them.

Expression "holographic paper" covers several types of substance, including paper with special shiny surface changing in dependence on the angle of coming light, and paper with holographic particles inside. 

Optaglio delivers complete technology for production of paper that includes microholograms – tiny particles (from 40 micrometres), which look like dots grains of metallic dust to a naked eye. Viewed under magnification, it is obvious that these particles are of regular shape and with a holographic surface. In addition to that, alphanumerical symbols and small pictures can be engraved into the microholograms. Optaglio also offers a supplemental module for papermaking machines and microholograms tailored for particular projects. Each batch of holographic paper is thus unique, which leads to further enhancement of anti-counterfeit protection.


In addition to document protection, there is a growing demand for holographic paper for anti-counterfeit packaging. E.g. Optaglio delivered microholograms for protection of more than 10 million drug packages in H4 of 2017. 


Amex Market Group research focuses on fundamental characteristics of the global holographic paper market, including product definition, application, a forecast of demand and supply development, vendors positioning and market segmentation.










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