Optaglio trains artists to create holograms


High-resolution security holograms firm Optaglio has started a program of training and cooperation with young designers. In less than a year they should be able to create security holograms that will consistently apply latest origination features, can be used for easy identification of genuineness, and look great.

“Our capacity is limited. Currently, we work with four people, and we do not plan to accept anybody else before they finish,“ says Tomas Karensky, senior research manager in Optaglio. „We neither make money nor take subsidies for this activity. It is our contribution to the maturity of the market.“ The trainees design hologram and get feedback. Technological experts show him /her other possibilities enabled by the technology and potential vulnerabilities of design. Consultants help to understand what design features are critical for genuineness identification, what are „nice to have“ and what features may be even confusing. Although it is distant cooperation, the trainee needs to visit Optaglio centre in Lochovice regularly.

“The clients often bring their design of holograms. Usually, it is created by their agencies, and it is fully compliant with their corporate guidelines. We see that no mistake has been made, but the hologram could be much better, being designed with knowledge of technology. It is no surprise, the few designers have specific skills,“ adds Karenský.

Optaglio has invested significant resources into the development of advanced visual effects. Now it understands that an ecosphere of experts needs to be created to ensure that the market is so mature that it can benefit from them.

Holograms designing is challenging because the artist needs to have visual feeling and a reasonable knowledge of optics, origination technology and authentication processes. Therefore it is critical that the artist has a technical background and is ready to learn a lot.

Optaglio´s current cooperation with designers is not organised as a study program, although a future partnership with an art school is possible. “We do not want that people focus on diplomas certificates. Their artwork should speak for them.“




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