Optaglio integrates behavior science in anti-counterfeit research


Czech firm Optaglio has founded a psychological laboratory focused on behavioural aspects of authentication processes and documents inspection.

The laboratory is mostly staffed with graduated psychologists and equipped with appliances such as eye cameras and environment simulators (lighting, noise). The projects should result in the understanding of abilities of different groups of people to identify features of protection elements and measuring the impact of stress, tidiness, changes in motivation etc. Methods that will enable organising experiments around the world will be also developed in this psychological laboratory.

Tomas Karensky, senior research manager in Optaglio, said: "Technologies develop fast. Optaglio and other leading providers in our industry now produce elements that cannot be imitated at all and our technological advantage will sustain at least several more years. But do the inspectors really pay attention to protection elements? It is the key question that shouldn't be underestimated. One answer points to machine reading, on which we are working as well. The other one points to people"

"The industry is missing systematic effort to understand human factor and include it in the design of projects.“

New psychology centre reports to Optaglio Labs focused on technology research. This connection should ensure close cooperation between technical development and behaviour science.

The new behaviour research centre is situated in Lochovice, Czech Republic but expects a lot of travelling. Often it is necessary to organise testing with local people from the region where the documents examined will be mainly used.

This change is a key milestone in Optaglio research strategy. For the company, research has been the key priority from its very founding by a group of scientists from Czech Academy of Science, but the only focus was technology. Holograms with resolution more than 5 million DPI, unique visual effects, innovative tools for seamless integration of security elements into the plastic ID cards and microholograms are among the key results of Optaglio´s research. Other breakthrough innovations are being developed or tested.



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