E-gate facility launched in Philippines airports


Senior officials in the Phillippines have said that a total of five e-gates—three in Mactan and two in Davao—became fully operational at the two southern airports last week.

Immigration’s Port Operations Division Chief Grifton Medina also told the Business Mirror that similar e-gates will be installed at Clark and Kalibo airports before the year ends, “so that with the onset of the peak travel season the project would be operational in all of the country’s five major ports of entry.”

“We are targeting to make the e-gates operational in these major ports before the Christmas and New Year, when we expect to process a huge influx of traveling passengers.” 

According to Medina, only Filipino passengers with machine-readable passports may use the e-gates. The e-gate’s first stage would be for children and senior citizens, while travelers with disability will be processed at a separate priority lane.

The newspaper noted that the project cut down the standard immigration processing time for every traveler to eight seconds or 15 seconds from the average time of 45 seconds.

Aside from faster processing, the e-gate project also aims to bolster the BI’s ability to pinpoint or detect travelers with derogatory records, wanted fugitives and those who are subjects of blacklists and hold departure orders.

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