JCF and Oracle announce Java Card 3.1


The Java Card Forum (JCF) and Oracle have announced the release of Java Card 3.1, which facilitates the development of advanced security services for existing markets and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) sector. 

The JCF says it has been working in close co-operation with Oracle, providing recommendations for the new specification and that the release is a testament to this 20-plus year partnership.

JCF says: “For current Java Card users, the new version offers a developer-focused technology update to existing secure elements, and facilitates the deployment and reuse of large applications. Development of the latest version has also focused on the heightened concern about security and trust in the IoT arena (as more machines and devices become connected), providing new functionality to accelerate development of IoT use cases and support for communication over IoT protocols, and secure access to peripherals.”

“I strongly believe in the potential of Java Card technology to benefit new fields of deployment – especially in the Internet of Things,” says Volker Gerstenberger, JCF president and Business Committee chairman. “With the advent of the IoT age we are seeing more and more connected endpoint devices that need to be connected and secured. We see additional new networks – such as Narrow-Band IoT, for example – that have to be protected, and the emergence of a variety of completely new and unforeseen services that need to be enabled, from both a user experience perspective and more importantly, from a security perspective.”

Christian Kirchstaetter, head of the JCF Technical Committee, agrees: “The Java Card 3.1 specification has a clear objective to address the Internet of Things security challenges. By this I mean new features supporting integration into IoT devices and new types of communication protocols and therefore becoming the new security powerhouse for IoT.”

“Java Card 3.1 is the most significant feature release of Java Card in more than 10 years,” adds Florian Tournier, senior director for Java and IoT at Oracle. “The close partnership between Java Card Forum and Oracle has delivered a flexible platform that can fulfil the fast-changing security requirements of Internet of Things devices.”

Java Card 3.1 documentation can be found here.


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JCF and Oracle announce Java Card 3.1
JCF and Oracle announce Java Card 3.1

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