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Cloudentity has said its new platform provides a generational shift in the consumer identity and access management market.  

"Privacy and data security technologies have not kept pace with the growing demands of consumers to control their own data," said Cloudentity CEO Jasen Meece. "Cloudentity is solving the authorization problem in hybrid cloud environments with progressive consent tied to consumer choice." combines secure identity interactions between users, services and things with Cloudentity's policy enforcement tools at the API level. With centralized policy management and distributed security enforcement, the platform meets the hyper-scale and performance capabilities of today's global enterprises.  

Features of the platform include:

Customizable User Journey: Cloudentity provides the first dynamic user journey with fully configurable UI and microservice architecture, building registration and privacy data flows with a drag and drop process to easily enhance the user experience.
"Bring your Own IDP" Identity management: The platform allows a user to combine identities from multiple upstream providers, such as legacy IDPs or modern social logins, generating a uniform source of truth to inform security policies.
Multi Organizations/Delegated Admin: Modern organizations require the ability to quickly roll out new business processes via B2C, B2B2C and B2B2P relationships. allows segmentation of administrative responsibility, security policies, privacy management and risk governance, to mitigate the risk of data overexposure.
Passwordless Login and MFA: supports a range of MFA tools out-of-the-box, including two types of passwordless and a "bring your own MFA" model, which are tightly integrated with Cloudentity's API security. This simultaneously allows for more security and convenience for the consumer.
Enhanced Identity and Enforcement: The platform supports industry standards including SAML, OAuth and OIDC. When coupled with Cloudentity's API security tools, provides out-of-the-box support for granular security policies that protect application entitlements and individual consumer attributes.
360° Audit: Combining CIAM data with policy enforcement data allows end-to-end transaction logging, providing a clearer view to help refine security before a breach occurs, and visibility for audit and compliance.
Developer Tools and Integration: With a flexible developer portal, service identity support, open APIs and microservices, developers no longer have to compromise between security and convenience.

What our partners are saying:
"This is the most advanced CIAM solution for the cloud, with a true microservices enabled CIAM platform that delivers incredible value and powerful protection with a cost-effective secure solution," said Jeremy Rohrs, vice president at SecZetta. "We are excited to offer our customers this industry-leading platform for effective and efficient external authorization."

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