Orell Füssli targets switch to digital ID


Orell Füssli CEO Daniel Link has told Swiss media that he is convinced that digital identity will play an increasingly important role in society. In March, the firm acquired a stake in e-government solution provider Procivis.

Link told Swissinfo.ch that he was determined that his company will not experience a 'Kodak moment' of failing to recognise the potential of new technology until it is too late. Printing secure documents accounted for CHF101 million of the company's CHF237 million ($245 million) revenues last year.

'Physical money and documentation will not disappear overnight, but they are also going digital,' he told swissinfo.ch. 'We have a three to five-year strategy to position ourselves for this development.'

The size of the 'strategic investment' has not been revealed, but it comes with two seats on the Procivis board.

"Printing passports and IDs requires certification that your IT, printing and data storage systems are secure. We even have to show that we run the right background checks before employing new staff,'"said Link."New players will have to go through a long process to obtain our levels of certification.'"

The plan is to build an 'ecosystem' around the Orell Füssli/Procivis marriage that will provide a 'one-stop shop' of digital identity services for central banks, governments and companies within the next five years, the newspaper writes.

Links says this would combine technology, data and security expertise with the technical know-how of how to design and integrate eID into the likes of government services or payments systems.

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