Signicat provides access to German national digital identity service, nPA


Signicat now offers identity verification and authentication services with integrated support for the new German digital identity card, Neue Personalausweis (nPA). Signicat is the first international business to be certified as an Identification Service Provider, and second only to Germany’s Bundesdruckerei, the manufacturer of banknotes, passports, and identity cards.

The nPA national identity cards are issued to citizens and residents in Germany. Every card issued since 2017 has come with an associated electronic identity (eID), with an estimated 37 million cards being activated by the end of 2020 and a total of 80 million nPA—95% of the German population-issued by 2027. The nPA eID meets the strictest verification requirements of the European eIDAS regulation, and is accepted in all EU member states.

Organisations from heavily regulated industries (such as financial services, insurance, or healthcare), or those that have a strong need to mitigate fraud in their online customer engagements can now work with Signicat to streamline their digital customer onboarding and secure recurring authentication requirements in Germany.

This verification means Signicat is now qualified to read identity card data as a service provider. Practically speaking, this means a consumer can hold their card up to an NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone or card reader, to digitally onboard where this service is offered e.g. though the APIs of Signicat's Digital Identity Hub.

“As one of only a few companies authorised to read nPA identity data—and the first international provider—we can provide our customers with digital onboarding solutions that combine maximum convenience and robust security” said Asger Hattel, Signicat CEO. “This certification not only means that we can serve customers in Germany in need of our identity offerings, but also our existing customers now have a partner to help them expand into Germany.”

Signicat's products and solutions meet the highest level of trust according to German guidelines and European eIDAS regulation. The flexibility of Signicat’s Digital Identity Platform can be adapted and integrated to meet the individual requirements of customers from a wide range of industries—including a secure digital onboarding process, identity verification services and regulatory compliance solutions.

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