Netcompany launches govtech framework


Netcompany has launched the Govtech Framework, describing it as a unique platform presenting hundreds of society-critical IT solutions based on more than 2000 components.

The firm says it offers innovative solutions to help public authorities on a mission to provide world-class, user-friendly, digital services for citizens and businesses.

"In order to sustain future growth, education and welfare in our societies, we must get rid of rigorous administration and digitise deadening processes. But too often, vital digitisation projects fail to deliver. They are delayed, exceed the budget, and do not deliver the value promised", said the company.

"As a leading supplier of govtech, Netcompany has been key in a unique and rapid digital transformation of Denmark and has provided hundreds of society-critical solutions to the Danish authorities. This has placed the country at the very forefront of governmental digitisation globally".

“With the Netcompany Govtech Framework, we let expensive, rigid legacy systems be a thing of the past and invite you to enter flexible platform engineering to offer, build and improve strong, sustainable societies and better lives for us all," said André Rogaczewski, CEO and Co-founder.


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