DNAtix granted blockchain patent for genetic ID management


Digital DNAtix Ltd., the Israeli startup, announced today the grant of US patent No. US10673847B2 titled, “Systems and methods for user authentication based on a genetic sequence.” The patent is part of the company disruptive and innovative proprietary technology incorporating Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT – blockchain) with digital genomic.

This is yet another step in the company’s vision to enable a new way for people to interact with and manage genetic data and benefit from genetic services. The patent claims a system for creating a cryptographic identity tool based on at least part of a genetic sequence of a user for network authentication of the user. The patent covers the process of initiation of a unique identity and authentication mechanism based on genetic data (DNA, RNA, mutations, etc.).

In the near future, DNA based ID will be an integral part of documentation and identification systems.

Documents and numbering based identification systems can be corrupted, stolen, or become exposed, hence are vulnerable when it comes to identity management and authentication.

As genetic and genomic technologies are more affordable and significantly more accessible, the use of DNA based identification methods will become prevalent. From banking services, pandemic tracking, immigration monitoring and HR identification at the workplace, DNA based identity & authentication technologies will become the new standard.

By offering a sophisticated customer genetic platform, and secured genetic based identity technologies, DNATIX is positioned to offer clients a new and secure way to store, access and manage all their genetic needs in complete privacy.

“We are very proud to have secured a US patent as part of our global patent protection strategy, that covers such a basic concept of storing genetic data on blockchain,” said Ofer. A Lidsky, DNAtix CEO. "We see this patent as a baseline technology underlying many applications and use cases in various industries in the near future," he added.

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