TokenWorks introduces retail ID scanner


TokenWorks, a company driving advanced driver's license scanning and age verification solutions, has introduced the newest product in its line of ID scanners: AgeVisor Contactless, the easiest and safest way to scan IDs following the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining AgeVisor age verification and CRM software with a new case set-up & orientation designed to keep merchants from making physical contact with customer's ID, AgeVisor Contactless allows merchants to quickly & accurately verify age while implementing social distancing and contactless configuration options.

Additionally, AgeVisor Contactless is able to scan & read mobile driver's licenses, as tested with Colorado's myColorado Digital ID.

Key features include:

Social Distance ID Scanning: Separate the scanner from the touch-screen 6 ft. apart to easily practice social distancing.
Contactless ID Scanning: Enables customers to never come in contact with merchants by scanning their own IDs.
Scans multiple ID documents: Including driver's licenses, passports, mobile/digital driver's licenses (Colorado's myColorado Digital ID).
Keep track easily: Tracks data such as visitor counts, maximum occupancy tracking, and contact tracing information to provide to authorities.

"Our customers who depend on in person commerce are demanding methods of increasing staff and customer safety during the COVID-9 pandemic. We have responded to this need by quickly innovating our most popular desktop age verification solution, the AgeVisor Touch, by adding physical contact safety features to our hardware set-up," said Charles Cagliostro, President, Tokenworks, Inc. "This allows for less contact with physical documents such as drivers licenses and passports while still providing the confidence of consumer age verification that allows businesses to remain compliant with age restriction regulations and laws."

TokenWorks has created several unique hardware set-ups for the AgeVisor Contactless for customers to deploy. This variety of set-ups allows for businesses of any kind to implement contactless ID scanner solutions based on how they prefer to operate. The set-up can also be reverted to a traditional merchant-handled age verification when social distancing and contact rules become less urgent in the future. In the meantime, the ability to use the AgenVisor Contactless to provide retail operators with data such as visitor counts, accurate maximum occupancy tracking, and if necessary, contact tracing information to provide to authorities. In addition to recording driver's license data, AgeVisor Contactless can also capture the photo of any scanned driver's license, passport, or digital driver's license.

The state-of-the-art AgeVisor Contactless was designed to also solve a variety of non-COVID related retail business operations needs across a number of industries who depend on accurate customer identification. TokenWorks took the opportunity of building key new features onto the proven AgeVisor platform, such as audible warnings, 7" capacitive touch-screen, fast operation, anti-passback alerts, customer tagging (VIP/Banned), free software updates, and support.

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