Acuant's Ozone chip authentication goes mobile


 Acuant , a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced the availability of Ozone on mobile applications to streamline identity verification for chip-based identity documents. Award-winning Ozone technology is now available for secure, regulatory-compliant authentication of ePassports and eIDs via a mobile device.

Ozone's expansion to mobile provides the safest and easiest authentication of chip documents for on-premise and remote verification, reverification and onboarding in any industry. Use cases range from ecommerce, online banking, trust service providers, border management, contactless travel and other transactions that require a high level of identity assurance. This is especially critical as during the pandemic, individuals are required to be fully vetted remotely as they register for services that must be administered efficiently and without fraud.

Ozone is fast and user friendly simply using a mobile device to unlock the chip by placing the device on the document. Utilizing robust cryptographic security processing, data is instantly and securely sent to the cloud for the authentication of the identity credential and an integrity assessment of the contents. Accessing high quality, tamper proof contents from the chip guarantees the best accuracy.

Providing superior global ID coverage with continuous updates, Ozone offers what no one else can with revocation checks to tell you instantly if the credential in question has been revoked by the issuer. In the same workflow, Acuant's AssureID document authentication can check if the physical document is still valid and able to be used for transactions, and FaceID facial recognition match can perform matching a selfie to the quality image on the chip with a liveness test to provide seamless multi-factor authentication and thwart fraud. The entire process is less than a minute and fully encrypted for data privacy. Ozone also has a built-in age verification and document expiration checks and can generate a Digital Travel Credential (DTC) from the physical document.

Programs for chip-based identity documents, such as eIDs and ePassports, and their derived digital equivalents, Mobile Driver's Licenses (mDLs) and DTCs, are continuing to progress and are expected to expand in usage. The European Commission has called for a public electronic identification system (e-ID) by 2021 and the US is following suit by introducing the Digital Identity Act of 2020 as a much needed first step to ensuring the United States catches up with the developed world on digital identity.

"We are living in a time when digital identity verification is more critical to keeping our economy running than ever before," said Yossi Zekri , President and CEO of Acuant. "Businesses and government agencies globally need a high level of confidence in the authenticity of the identity of a traveler, customer or prospective employee now that in-person transactions are restricted. We have expanded the use of our Ozone technology to provide that confidence for all identity documents, including digital versions, in a fast, accurate and highly secure way. Ozone is simply the best way to validate ePassport and eID document integrity and ensure privacy protection."

Acuant has been recognized for the third consecutive year as a Representative Vendor in Gartner's "Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Attribution," published on September 11, 2020 . "The listed vendors represent what's core in the market, what extends it and what will transform it," stated the Market Guide. The Guide also noted, "the identity-proofing market is being shaped by a combination of three forces," one being, "digital transformation further accelerating due to COVID-19."

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