OVD taking part in D4FLY


OVD Kinegram is taking part in the EU Horizon 2020 funded project “D4FLY”, short for  DETECTING DOCUMENT FRAUD AND IDENTITY ON THE FLY. This initiative is  developing and testing highly efficient and highly secure “on-the-move” border crossing  experiences as well as strengthening borders against serious and organized crime. 

OVD Kinegram has recently unveiled KINEGRAM OMA (Optical Machine Authentication), a  novel software solution for the automated optical machine authentication of the KINEGRAM  in travel documents. This innovation allows smoother and more reliable border control  procedures, facilitates the handling of increased numbers of travelers and ultimately  contributes to increased security and trust in travel documents. The solution works with  standard document readers which only require a simple software update to enable the  machine-based authentication of KINEGRAM elements, which are among the most prevalent  security features in international passports and visas. License agreements with market  leading manufacturers of document reader solutions have already been concluded. 

Through the new OMA concept, OVD Kinegram supports the D4FLY goal of developing a  highly resilient document verification system able to authenticate physical and electronic  security features. As the leading provider of security solutions aimed at protecting identities,  OVD Kinegram has long been a trusted partner for governments around the world.  Participating in D4FLY allows the company to further deepen its know-how in the latest  technologies and ensure the continued development of pioneering security solutions.


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