Acuant Partners with albo


Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced a partnership with albo, Mexico’s leading Neobank, which has integrated Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform to provide a seamless and secure digital Know Your Customer (KYC) experience for customers and to meet compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations issued by the Mexican authorities.

Founded in 2016, albo provides customers with a digital bank account to receive or transfer money, while also providing personal finance. There are no fees, branches, waiting times or bureaucracy, giving individuals a complete and convenient digital experience. You can download the app and open an account in less than 3 minutes.

Integrating Acuant Compliance technology enables albo to streamline KYC to analyze data collected for every customer without impeding on their privacy. This added security provides customers with the confidence to make trusted transactions anywhere in the world safely, while preserving the overall digital experience. albo can now better manage fraud as it continues to transform the banking industry within the Latin America region.

Historically, Mexico is infamously known as an area where money-laundering and financial fraud is rife. In a bid to tackle this issue, compliance with Mexico’s stringent AML law is required for all financial service providers that operate in the region. Having vetted many vendors in the AML/KYC space, albo identified Acuant as offering a competitive solution that tackles financial fraud, meets the regional AML regulatory compliance demands, and guarantees the privacy of client information. Acuant’s digital identities technology and online banking solutions enable albo to be compliant, address digital fraud and continue to be a regulated fintech player in the region.

“Our partnership with Acuant means we can provide each client with a process that will keep their information safe, while complying with Mexican law and regulation requirements in the most accurate way,” said Oscar Cruz Hernández, Compliance Officer at albo. “We are building a prosperous relationship with Acuant and we look forward to tackling the issue of AML fraud head-on.”

“Without compromising its AML/KYC needs, addressing regulatory compliance was a significant obstacle we have helped albo overcome, and we are delighted with the result,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO at Acuant. “In the modern digital world, compliance and fraud prevention cannot be neglected to make way for efficiency - it needs to be all encompassing to provide customers a trusted service.”

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