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HID Global - Mobile ID solutions for government-to-citizen applications

Citizen ID documents such as national IDs and driver licenses will ultimately follow the trend toward mobility.

04 Jul 2016

e-Gov 2.0 - Towards a sustainable society

a 10 object lessons in Green IT and eGovernment - From green washing to green spirit. This white paper from Gemalto looks at the areas of e-Government and sustainable development.

05 Feb 2013

Healthcare Fraud

Fraud has a direct impact on healthcare funding. This Eurosmart white paper provides an in-depth evaluation of healthcare fraud in five separate countries with different healthcare models in place. Based on the findings presented, it sets out recommendations to curb fraud through implementation of microchip card technology.

09 Jan 2013

Advanced Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Protection

a Advanced Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Protection - Complying with the North American Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection standards.

16 Sep 2012

Protecting ID and Stopping Crime with Digital eIDs

Trust in an identity is fundamental to our society, enabling individuals to interact with government agencies, businesses and one another. This brief from Gemalto discusses the progress in the United States in using and establishing eID digital identity credentialing, and explores other opportunities to use eIDs that are under consideration.

13 Sep 2012

Comparison of eID solutions with privacy preserving characteristics

a This whitepaper from Collis discusses four privacy preserving solutions for government eIDs. It compare the solutions and argues which is the most suitable solution.

05 Jul 2012

Benefits of Elliptic Curve Cryptography

a The aim of this paper is first to show the interest of implementing ECC instead of classical cryptographic algorithms like RSA, and second to help in choosing elliptic curves, as there are many types of it in the field.

18 Jun 2012

Synergy between RT Programs and Visa-Processing

a Synergies between Visas and e-Gates/RTP are possible, especially when addressing frequent travelers who are also issued a Visa. Using the ICAO 9303 Standard reduces cost, risk and development time for e-Gates/RTP as well as replacing Visa-stickers and/or –stamps. The following article from Infineon reviews the background and benefits.

15 Mar 2012

Moving to the third generation of ePassports

a This paper from Gemalto discusses a new dimension in electronic passport security with Supplemental Access Control (SAC).

21 Oct 2011

eID Pocket Guide

a An excellent pocket guide to eID created by Bundesdruckerei covering: Identity management in the 21st century, the new German ID card, technology in detail, application examples and eGovernment without borders

13 Oct 2011
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