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HID Global - Mobile ID solutions for government-to-citizen applications

Citizen ID documents such as national IDs and driver licenses will ultimately follow the trend toward mobility.

04 Jul 2016

Putting the E in Estonia

This “startup nation” has built a streamlined digital infrastructure of cutting-edge public and private services from the ground up – and it is also a case study of how all countries could benefit from eGovernment

19 Aug 2015

Securing the weakest links for a safer travel experience

Travel documents confirm the identity of persons and enable seamless and secure international travel but are only as satisfactory as the identification-related systems behind their production, issuance, control and inspection.

Gemalto discusses the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) considers new global approach, the Traveler identification Program (TRIP) initiative.

17 Nov 2014

NEW! - eMRTDs – The importance of digital certificates

a Electronic machine-readable travel documents (eMRTDs) are well-known for their good security. But the correct use of digital certificates in these documents is the difference between good security and superior security. Georg Hasse and Michael Schlüter of secunet Security Networks AG report

27 Sep 2013

SDW InterOp 2013 results

a Results from the latest in the series of international ePassport interoperability testing events - SDW InterOp 2013 - have been announced with largely positive results. The event, which was held alongside SDW 2013 on 21-23 May in London, focused on the new Supplemental Access Control (SAC) mechanism, which will be implemented by various countries from 31 December 2014.

24 Jul 2013

Synergy between RT Programs and Visa-Processing

a Synergies between Visas and e-Gates/RTP are possible, especially when addressing frequent travelers who are also issued a Visa. Using the ICAO 9303 Standard reduces cost, risk and development time for e-Gates/RTP as well as replacing Visa-stickers and/or –stamps. The following article from Infineon reviews the background and benefits.

15 Mar 2012

PNR data leads border security fight

a More governments are opting for PNR data - but what options are available and what are the benefits?

18 Sep 2009

GlobalPlatform Biometric Match-on-Card proposition

a This white paper explains how GlobalPlatform’s existing and proven infrastructure delivers the required security and privacy to enable the deployment of a secure, interoperable and flexible biometric match-on-card ecosystem.

12 May 2009

Identification Flats

There is a revolutionary change occurring in the way fingerprint biometrics are applied as a result of several strong market drivers that have been in progress for several years and are now reaching critical mass. The result will be the rapid, global spread of the use of ten flat fingerprints, or “identification flats” (ID flats) for several security-related applications requiring biometric identification of civilians.

17 Mar 2009

Operating Software in Secure Documents

Successful implementation of a secure electronic document is achieved when best-in-class operating software is deployed together onto appropriate and qualified microprocessor platforms. This in-depth white paper from Gemalto explores the issues…

03 Nov 2008
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