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ID documents: How holograms innovate and protect

Dr Mark Deakes, general secretary of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), considers current developments in security holography in the face of continuing worries about fake identity documents.

16 Aug 2017

Webinar interview: HID’s Steve Warne on mobile identities

In this webinar follow-up interview, we quiz Steve Warne, director of solutions marketing at Government ID Solutions, HID Global, on the topic of mobile ID.  

13 Dec 2016

Webinar: The future of government-issued mobile identities

A panel of experts offer different market perspectives on mobile ID and mobile credential trends. 

10 Nov 2016

Friends and frenemies in the eID market

 Working together, solution providers access each other’s resources and create synergy.

22 Sep 2016

eIDAS: A sign of the times

 The rise of email, electronic records and digitisation are changing how we sign documents.

07 Jul 2016

Holograms and standards for security printers

International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) general secretary Dr Mark Deakes advises security printers to work towards ISO14298 compliance. 

07 Jul 2016

Feature: Maximizing security and compliance in the shift towards mobile ID

Mobile ID isn’t just trendy or convenient – it can help reduce fraud and criminal activity

07 Jun 2016

Passports now and then

Today's ePassports are high-tech documents, with attractive designs and complex security features. But can they compete with yesteryear's designs in terms of artful simplicity?

24 Sep 2015

Virginia digital identity law takes centre stage

Promoting a citizen-focused strategy of strong multi-factor authentication, Virginia's new digital identity law represents a new direction in overall cybersecurity strategy. 

04 Jun 2015

An unpopular piece of expensive plastic?

a Whether or not you agree with vocal opponents to the concept of the UK’s ID cards scheme, it is difficult to escape the fact that the debate is also drawing in people usually far less voluble in their opposition, and that raises the question, why?

15 Mar 2006
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