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Thales reveals double-sided ID card reader 03 December 2020

Thales showcases the world’s only double-sided ID card reader, the first to be able to examine ID cards or driving licenses in the cloud1 in less than four seconds

UAE reveals new passport, ID cards 01 December 2020

The UAE plans to add new digital and pyhsical security features to a new range of passport and ID documents.

CBP launches Simplified Arrival at IAH 24 November 2020

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Houston Airport System today announced the launch of Simplified Arrival at George Bush Intercontinental Airport 

IQ Structures reveals unified 'national ID' solution 17 November 2020

IQ Structures has launched a single comprehensive national concept that covers all polycarbonate identity documents (IDs, passports, driver´s licences etc.) issued by a state.

Infineon’s SECORA ID X drives introduction of multi-application ID solutions 16 November 2020

SECORA ID X is the company's new flagship for highly secured yet versatile government ID solutions targeting customized applications. 

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Identity Week goes live on Monday. Complimentary passes available 12 November 2020

Identity Week 2020 Virtual will start livestreaming to more than 3000 attendees from next Monday.

Ibanera announces partnership with iSun GlobalPass 12 November 2020

Ibanera, a licensed global fintech,  announced a partnership with iSun GlobalPass, a scalable, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) advanced ID verification tool. 

Payer launches customer registration ID check system 11 November 2020

Payer Financial Services (Payer) has developed a new registration product that will use ID verification to change how customer relationships are made between companies online.

Des Moines International gets new TSA authentication tech 29 October 2020

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at Des Moines International Airport is now using new technology that confirms the validity of a traveler’s identification and confirms their flight information in near real time.

Civil registry as the driver for the UN sustainability goals 22 October 2020

Andreas Räschmeier, CEO of Veridos, says if a country wants to provide a secure identity solution to its citizens, it has to invest in a modern, digitised civil registry system.

California deploys 13 October 2020

California's Employment Development Department has deployed a new online identification tool called

UK won't accept EU ID cards from October 2021 08 October 2020

The UK will no longer accept EU and Swiss ID cards as a form of ID to enter the country from October next year.


Jura and Svenska Pass partner on Swedish project 07 October 2020

Hungarian secure identity solutions firm Jura, the reputed inventor and supplier of graphic-arts-based security features to protect photo-carrying travel documents, has announced that the technology partnership with Thales subsidiary Svenska Pass will continue.

IEG and Tascent partner on travel experience 24 September 2020

Information Engineering Group Inc (IEG), a loyalty and lounge solution provider,  and Tascent, a leader in intuitive biometrics, have entered into a partnership to deliver a touchless, streamlined experience for IEG’s airport lounge customers.

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ID documents: How holograms innovate and protect

Dr Mark Deakes, general secretary of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), considers current developments in security holography in the face of continuing worries about fake identity documents.

White paper: Slovakia prototypes mobile electronic identification (MeID) solution

Empowering e-government by shifting to smart cards is accelerating the arrival of a new era of mobile identity and electronic documents.

Hewlett Packard: Implementing mobile electronic identity

In this white paper, Hewlett Packard details an enterprise approach to mobile eID based on hardware tokens in microSD cards.

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