Who we are

Luminescence Sun Chemical Security is the global security business unit of Sun Chemical. We combine the great innovative strength of a focused, agile company with the strong corporate culture and power of our multinational parent. We have access to over 20’000 specialists in inks, pigments and coatings based all over the globe. With more than 17 highly specialised Research and Development centres from which we can draw resources and knowledge, we are continuously on the search for the latest technologies to help you stay ahead of counterfeiters or other threats to your secure documents and brands.

What defines us

Providing excellence is our core belief in everything we do and has resulted in the fact that you can find our innovative high-security inks, pigments and components in security documents like banknotes, passports or tax stamps in over 130 countries.

We believe in continuously training and developing our staff and we pride ourselves in the long-term retention of our people. As a result, we have the knowledge and experience to bring through the new generation of experts who contribute to the longevity of our organisation.

Why you want us as your partner

As well as a healthy and long-term business relation, we value the personal contact and collaboration with you. Our team of specialists continuously travels around the globe to support our customers whenever needed. You will find our reactivity and delivery times exceptional and unparalleled in your industry.

We understand that it can be daunting to change supplier or to introduce new security technologies or features but you can rest assured that we will be there all the way through the process, as your preferred partner and friend. Your success is of the utmost importance to us.


Address Details

The Fairway



CM18 6NG 


Corporate Introduction

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