OVD Kinegram AG

OVD Kinegram AG, based in Zug, specializes in the design, production and supply of the KINEGRAM® optical security feature to protect government documents and bank notes. Trusted by over 100 countries and used to protect more than 500 government-issued identity documents, the KINEGRAM is one of the most important security features for preventing counterfeiting and verifying authenticity. In recent years OVD Kinegram has also developed digital solutions for the verification of both the physical and electronic security features in government documents such as ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses. These digital products include SDK’s for integration in document authentication software on both mobile (smartphone) and desk-top (document reader) platforms. Current applications include, ID-verification both in-person and on-line, on-boarding for e-government and financial institutions (KYC), traveler facilitation, border control and law-enforcement. OVD Kinegram AG is a Swiss subsidiary of the KURZ Group. Additional information is available on www.kinegram.com.

Address Details

OVD Kinegram AG
Zählerweg 11
CH-6300 Zug

Phone +41 41 555 20 00
Fax +41 1 555 20 20


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