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We are proud to deliver fingerprint solutions that make your life easier. Every day, Precise Biometrics’ products and technology provide proven identities for millions of people around the world.

Throughout the years, we have won some of the world’s largest projects combining fingerprint and smart card technology. Whole nations are being equipped with ID cards that contain biometric information of the cardholder.

We provide proven identities
Precise Biometrics is an innovative company with global presence, offering technology and expertise for fingerprint recognition that enables easy, secure, and accurate authentication of a person.

Worldwide partner network
Fingerprint recognition adds value to solutions for managing identities, biographical data, user rights, and system security. We work with partners providing such solutions worldwide.


The patented Precise BioMatch™ and Precise Match-on-Card™ technologies are the foundation of our product portfolio.


Precise BioMatch™
Precise BioMatch™ is Precise Biometrics´ proven fingerprint authentication engine, deployed in millions of devices, smart cards, terminals and PCs worldwide.


Precise BioMatch™ is available in several toolkit versions suitable for small footprint embedded systems such as smart cards, USB keys and cell phones, as well as for stand-alone workstation PC applications and one-to-many identification database applications.


Precise Match-on-Card™
With Precise Match-on-Card™, we combine the best in authentication technology — smart cards and Precise BioMatch™ fingerprint recognition.


By both storing and matching the fingerprint template on the card, biometrics acts not only as a pure PIN replacement, it becomes a fully integral part of the smart card; making use of the secure environment of the chip. Precise Match-on-Card™ quickly and accurately facilitates a proven identity.

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