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Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is a leading global technology provider with its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and 58 subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associated companies in 32 countries across every continent. At the end of 2013, G&D had approximately 11,660 employees and in fiscal 2013 generated total sales of 1.75 billion euros, of which around 90 percent was earned outside Germany. G&D was founded in 1852 by Hermann Giesecke and Alphonse Devrient as the “Officin für Geld- und Werthpapiere” in Leipzig, a city with a rich printing and publishing heritage. It is a family-owned company with roots in Germany and operations all over the world.

Its ethos is based on trust, security, and professional expertise. Innovative, customercentric products, system solutions, and services make G&D a reliable partner for governments, central banks, security printers, commercial cash center operators, public authorities, and companies.
G&D is a global technology leader in banknote and security solutions for an efficient and secure cash cycle (Banknote business unit). It supplies banks, mobile network operators, public transportation providers, companies, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with end-to-end solutions comprising hardware, software, and services for mobile security applications, especially in telecommunications and electronic payments (Mobile Security business unit). G&D also provides governments and public authorities with turnkey end-to-end solutions for highly secure travel documents, ID systems, and healthcare cards, which can be used for conventional identification purposes as well as for authenticating and safeguarding online business transactions (Government Solutions business unit).

Research and development have always been a top priority for G&D. The Group currently has 1,282 developers working on new products and processes, and R&D spending totaled around 128 million euros in fiscal 2013. G&D holds some 7,500 patents and patent applications worldwide.

G&D is a global market leader and cutting-edge innovator of products and solutions for the banknote and mobile security segments. Over the course of its history, the technology group has successfully penetrated numerous new business fields.

Please also visit Veridos, the one-stop supplier of ID solutions for governments and public authorities worldwide, founded by G&D and Bundesdruckerei:


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