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Expertise for Innovative IT Security
secunet Security Networks AG is one of Germany’s leading providers of superior IT security. In a close dialogue with its customers – enterprises, public authorities and international organisations – secunet develops high-capacity products and excellent IT security solutions. Thus, secunet not only keeps IT infrastructures secure for its customers, but also achieves intelligent process optimisation and creates sustainable added value.
More than 270 experts focus on issues such as cryptography (SINA), e-government, business security and automotive security with the aim of always being one step ahead of the competition in terms of quality and technology.

In the area of biometrics, secunet offers solutions and know-how for the complete life cycle of electronic passports, identity documents, residence permits, and visas. We support public authorities, organisations in the industrial sector and system integrators in their projects concerning biometrics and eID. The Federal Government of Germany as well as other European countries trust in our expertise as a pioneer and reliable partner in this segment.

Currently, our biometrics experts are supporting the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs in introducing biometric visa in Austria. Furthermore, they support the Federal Ministry of the Interior in another innovative pilot-project for the automation of the border control at Frankfurt Airport – project name: EasyPASS. In the frame of this project, travellers’ identities are checked fast and reliably. Would you like to learn more about our projects?

Biometrics and Electronic ID Documents in Best Hands
From the very beginning, secunet’s biometrics experts were part of every important committee for standardisations worldwide. Until today, they have particularly focused on practical issues and the development of standards, technical specifications and interoperability tests for ID documents and –systems. Thus, we can offer our customers unique and yet established solutions that are state of the art – prior to other companies.

As IT Security-partner of the German Federal Government, secunet has been working with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in the field of biometrics in a close and trustful relationship. In this course, secunet together with BSI has developed the solutions secunet biomiddle and Golden Reader Tool. The latter is internationally acknowledged as a reference implementation and is now commercialised for public authorities and companies in its Platinum Edition.

secunet’s Answers and Know-How for Optimum Biometrics and eID Solutions
Running a project in biometrics or eID with secunet means that we either provide complete and established solution modules or develop customised software components on our customers’ orders. This is one major part of our service-portfolio for our clients.

As pioneers and market experts, and from our experience of innumerable projects concerning biometrics and eID, we know the critical success-factors on the road to biometric security-solutions better than anyone else: it is crucial that the most suitable technology be used in any case. Embedded into reliable processes and techniques, the result is a complete system tailored to our customers’ specific needs.  Our know-how is the second feature we offer: considering all general requirements such as specific demands of data protection or interoperability, secunet’s biometrics experts take care of the analysis, conceptualisation, planning and professional implementation of the solution on your behalf. It is our aim to create customised and sustainable solutions for our customers.

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secunet Security Networks AG

secunet Security Networks AG
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