Safelayer Secure Communications

Safelayer is leader in developing security and trust products for digital identification, authentication and authorization, electronic signature, and data encryption. The company’s products are used for citizen eID, ePassport, government PKI and eBusiness transformation services.

The KeyOne product family implements advanced public key infrastructures (PKI) for managing digital certificates, certificate validation and electronic time-stamping. KeyOne also provides the PKI components for the Extended Access Control (EAC) security infrastructure for the second generation ePassport and Basic Access Control (BAC) for the first generation ePassport, which was standardized by the ICAO.

KeyOne Certificate Management 
Key One ePassport Management

The TrustedX platform provides eID validation, eSignature verification and data protection that can be integrated into applications using SOA and XML for handling electronic documents and Web messaging.

TrustedX e-Signature Platform 
TrustedX e-Authentication Management

Having been granted major G2C projects (national eID and ePassport) in Spain, Safelayer targets its solutions at government agencies. The company also focuses on banking, large enterprise accounts and CSPs. 

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Safelayer increases its presence in Latin America with agreements for PKI technology in Paraguay and Uruguay

Estonia’s Certification Authority, AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus, Adopts Safelayer’s PKI Technology

Safelayer consolidated as a Technology Provider for Certification and Security Service Providers  

Safelayer Consolidates its Strategic Alliance with Indra for Citizen e-ID/e-Passport Solutions  

Safelayer Announces New Advances in its Solutions for National and Cross-Border eID/e-Passport and e-Signature Recognition  

Safelayer adds SPOC/EAC functionality to its Electronic Passport solution


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Safelayer Secure Communications S.A.


Tel: +34 917 080 480

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