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Speed Identity AB is an innovative, Swedish family-owned technology development company that supplies market leading biometric solutions for data capture to authorities and companies. All development of hardware and software is made within the company.

Today, we provide systems that manipulate and manage face, signature, fingerprint and iris sources. Our philosophy centers on safe and effective practices of "live enrolment". This digital method of capturing biometric data is now used worldwide. Speed Identity’s technology is patented and all systems support the ICAO standards.

We are ISO certified (SS-EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and have worked in the field of passport and identification photography since the company was founded by the Caspar family in 1958. During the past 10 years we have supplied more than 15 million photos used for passports and other identity documents to over 100 countries around the world. Speed Identity is part of the Speed Identity Group, which is a rapidly expanding group of international companies with subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

Speed Identity also has operations in Germany in the jointly owned company Speed Intraproc GmbH.

Our clients are, among others, the Swedish Police Board, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Immigration Service and the Autoregistrikekus (The Road Administration in Estonia).

Address Details

Speed Identity AB

Postal address: Box 634, SE-135 26 Tyresö, Sweden
Visiting address: Mediavägen 11, Tyresö, Sweden

Tel +46 8 448 70 00,
Fax +46 8 448 70 15,
Email: info@speed-identity.com

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