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Range of high security printing systems
Our systems are designed with the advanced security and/or personalisation features you need to safeguard your documents. Their modular design allows you to create a custom system that meets your specific needs. Each system features our unique laser and inkjet applied technologies that are robust, highly counterfeit-proof and easy to verify.

Laser perforation – the mighty holes that shut out counterfeiters
To ensure that your banknotes, passports, ID-cards and other documents can withstand the most aggressive counterfeiting attempts, IAI offers a range of premium-level security features based on our innovative laser perforation technologies. What makes laser perforation so invincible is that it connects the front and back of a document and cannot be copied or mechanically faked. It is easy and economical to apply, and has proven highly effective in preventing fraud in countries across the globe. Officials can easily authenticate the document by simply holding it against the light.

Laser engraving
Our advanced laser engraving technology gives you the precision, quality and flexibility to turn your identity documents into well protected works of art. The laser is precisely controlled to produce high-resolution images, sharp text, bar codes and other graphical elements.

Indestructible inkjet
Make your passports and identity cards virtually indestructible with our innovative inkjet technology. The personal data, including a high quality colour photograph, is printed on the data page using a full colour inkjet engine. UV cured inks can be used for printing on security paper in passports. It is virtually impossible to remove the inkjet elements without damaging the paper and UV curing creates sharp and vivid results that resist fading throughout the life of the document.

Proven track record
Our solutions are highly valued for providing effective new security measures that lock out counterfeiters in every corner of the world.

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IAI industrial systems B.V.
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P.O. Box 200, 5500 AE Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Dutch Chamber of Commerce 17070534

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