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TROY Group, Inc., a Platinum Solutions Partner to HP, is a worldwide leader in document security software for personalized, on demand, layered security of high value documents. SecureDocs, TROY’s on-premise or cloud-based software solution, is used to manage fraud, reduce operational risks and comply with government regulations related to protecting information privacy, thereby empowering organizations to protect each document at the point of issue.

SecureDocs enables organizations to add personalized layers of document authentication, copy detection, and fraud deterrence to high value documents, such as birth certificates, university transcripts, banknotes, passports, ID documents, visas and other vital records.

Today, a large number of companies are relying on preprinted security forms. TROY SecureDocs allows companies to incorporate the software into their existing process. This platform also offers a solution for companies which do not rely on preprinted security forms, but are looking to add security to the personal data added to the document at point of print. When personal data is not secured, companies are at risk for unauthorized modifications, forgery, or photocopying.

The SecureDocs cutting-edge technology includes 1) PrintTrace to track and trace the document output with who printed when, where and how, 2) TROY Variable MicroPrint which is only viewable at five times magnification or greater and appears illegible when copied, 3) TROYMark™ Variable Data Watermark is user defined or variable data printed diagonally to easily verify authentication, 4) TROY Copy Evident Pantograph is a hidden feature which appears when the document is photocopied or scanned, 5) Image elements, and 6) Text Box warning for the reader.

TROY solutions are used by banks, small and medium size businesses as well as large enterprises and government organizations to add personalized security features to each print file before it is routed to the printer, thereby creating unique and secure documents. TROY has been adding trust, security and confidence to documents since 1963.

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