Vision-Box is a multinational technology company headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, dedicated to improving the quality, convenience, efficiency and security in government services, travel, border control and any smart facilities, by designing, developing and implementing integrated user-centric digital identity management solutions and services built upon trusted biometric tokens.

Steered by decades of expertise and real-life implementations, and having spearheaded the definition of game changing industry standards, Vision-Box™ is the leading partner of the most prestigious Airports, Airlines, Governments and entities with critical security and identification challenges, supporting them enhance people identification & flow, establishing identity ground-truth through high performance enrollment, verification and authentication, enabling multi-directional data transactions to be transformed into actionable business intelligence.

Starting with the process of biometric and biographic enrolment and covering the full life cycle of identity, assuring a citizen’s ID verification at any time, Vision-Box solutions and services build a Trusted Chain of Identity, covering eDocument issuance, Smart Borders management, end-to-end seamless flow at airports, sea ports of land borders, loyalty programs or digital managed services within a smart city environment.

Vision-Box™ takes advantage of proprietary technology to offer infrastructure and enterprise architecture consultancy, state-of-the-art user-centric touchpoints, custom front-end applications, collaborative orchestration software platforms and on/offsite maintenance services. Combining our offer into a value-proposition towards customer and end-user satisfaction, we transform challenging, complex technological environments into straightforward, convivial experiences for citizen: superb engineering, unique ergonomics, user-centric AI-based interfaces, inclusive use and engaging, appealing design.

The company enjoys a high level of brand loyalty and has been repeatedly ranked and awarded as one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial companies. Vision-Box™ has established subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Address Details

Address: Rua Casal do Canas 2
2790-204 Carnaxide
T: +351 211 543 900

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