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Radeče papir nova is one of the leading producers of secure paper solutions. We manufacture paper that incorporates various security features designed to prove the authenticity of the material and prevent falsification of documents. As it is practically impossible to remove such features without damaging the surface of the base material, we help protect our customer’s passports, certificates, visas, tax stamps, cheques, etc. Our expertise based on tradition and the use of modern technology is reflected in the quality of all the security solutions that we proudly produce in our facility.

Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. operates in accordance with the international ISO standards ISO 9001 for quality management systems, ISO 14001 for environmental management systems, and Intergraf CWA 15374:2018 "Security management system for suppliers to the Security printing industry" with the production of paper for banknotes, passports, visas and tax stamps and Halal certification.

In 2020, we began a partnership with reputable international companies operating in the field of protections provided by digital printing. We are continuing with the intensive development of new products and solutions in other areas as well: we have developed antibacterial paper, protected against bacteria and coronavirus, as well as self-adhesive disposable protective facemasks for a limited use period. We recommend our innovative paper wherever documents pass through the hands of many people, while our biodegradable self-adhesive facemasks are significantly less harmful to the environment as they do not require the use of elastic.

Radeče papir nova’s daughter company, Muflon, proudly supports people with disabilities by providing them with suitable jobs. The company produces various printed matter, self-adhesive labels and ready-made paper articles for use in education, office communication and artistic creation for various purposes in the automobile, pharmaceutical, food, metal and chemicals sectors. 

To discover more about antibacterial paper, watermark, electrotype, multicolour UV fluorescent fibres, tax paper or removal-resistant safety systems, please visit www.radecepapir.si.

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Radeče papir nova, d.o.o.
Njivice 7
1433 Radeče

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