Andrews & Wykeham

Andrews & Wykeham Ltd. is an established British manufacturer of holographic and printed security products, founded in 2008. After a recent MBO it is majority-owned by its management team with extensive international experience in implementing security solutions in the ID, banknote, document security, brand protection and track & trace markets going back twenty-five years. We design our products to be cost-efficient, easy to use and upgradable, with the objective to maximize cost-benefits to our customers. We hold the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, are members of IHMA, and ISO 14298:2013 certified as a security manufacturer. Our security product manufacturing site and the corporate headquarters are located in Basingstoke, United Kingdom. We are export focused and have excellent knowledge of international logistics, having supplied our security products to over eighty governments worldwide and to a number of international security printers and integrators. In particular, we have provided laminates for over thirty national passports, security components for multiple ID cards, driving licenses and several visa labels. Employing high-security Synthegram® diffractive devices and security printing, we deliver surface-applied and embedded security components for a variety of datapage and card substrates – security paper, polycarbonate, PVC and PET – compatible with a wide range of industry-standard application and lamination equipment. Our product range includes holographic and printed passport overlays and laminates; overlays and patch laminates for PVC/PET cards; embeddable inlays for PVC/PET cards, PC cards and datapages; and integrated surface security layers for both PC/PET and PVC. We also manufacture a variety of complex security labels including RFID-enabled smart windscreen labels and security labels with NFC tags. In addition, we deliver turnkey systems in personal ID, vehicle ID and track & trace segments. We pride ourselves on our ability to create tailor-made solutions and achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction.


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