Microblink's products eliminate manual data entry of personal information in mobile and web apps by using camera input. With proprietary AI-powered technology, we automate the first step of the remote user onboarding, identity verification or biometric authentication. We make those processes less tiring and time-consuming for your users.

By using their device camera, users scan their identity and/or payment document and the extracted data fills out the form in a blink. One of the key advantages is that there is no need for a server connection — everything is done locally and on-device. Meaning that all the sensitive information is handled and processed by you.

Microblink's products have already found their place in plenty of use cases and are easily integrated with all major verification or biometric solutions across different mobile and web platforms. Businesses worldwide use our technology to streamline and create a better UX in their apps — government institutions, banks, telecoms, insurance, system integrators and others. At this moment, we are solving specific real-life problems for more than 500 clients and their 100 million end-users.

Address Details

UK Microblink Ltd. London, EC1M 7AD United Kingdom Devonshire House, 60 Goswell Road tel: +44 1223 967910

CROATIA Microblink Ltd. Strojarska cesta 20 HR-10000 Zagreb Croatia tel: +385 1 5578 447

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