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Access IS designs and manufactures innovative e-Passport, e-ID and e-DL readers for governmental and commercial applications.


Agfa develops, produces and distributes an extensive range of imaging systems and workflow solutions for the printing industry, the healthcare sector, as well as dedicated design and workflow solutions for specific hi-tech industries such as security printing & renewable energy solutions. The company is commercially active worldwide through wholly owned sales organizations in more than 40 countries.

Andrews & Wykeham

Andrews & Wykeham is a traditional British company offering holographic security solutions to discerning customers in personal ID, vehicle ID, document security, tax stamp and brand protection markets. 

Atlantic Zeiser GmbH

Atlantic Zeiser is a world leader in government and banking personalization, as well as coding and mailing technologies, offering system solutions for the efficient processing of financial, ID and commercial cards.

Cognitec Systems - The Face Recognition Company

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002.

Covestro Deutschland AG

Covestro is a leading company in the ID/security industry with more than thirty years of experience in the field of material solutions and develops films meeting extremely high security requirements.

Demax Holograms

Demax Holograms is a leading player in the government documents and the high-security printing sectors. At the forefront of nano-optical technologies the company offers an extensive product range comprising currency, passport and ID card security, as well as secure document, revenue and brand protection solutions currently found in over 70 countries.


DERMALOG Identification Systems

As a pioneer in the development of biometric products and solutions, DERMALOG has shaped the world of security for over 25 years. We have been and keep on revolutionizing biometric security products for law enforcement, civil governmental agencies like national registration, voter and driver registrations, health agencies, security agencies and develop solutions for access and data security, authorization and authentication services as well as mobile security.

Germany´s world leader in AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems) and biometrics.

Diletta ID-Systems

For more than five decades, DILETTA has been creating and distributing secure ID systems and ID solutions for governments and authorities worldwide. DILETTA offers complete systems for centralized and decentralized personalization of highly secure travel documents.


DREWSEN is a leading manufacturer of security / high-security papers such as passports, visas, tax/revenue labels. The family-owned enterprise is well known for their confidential, comprehensive and competent customer service


Evolis, the worldwide leader, develops, manufactures and markets a complete range of personalization solutions for plastic cards, and a full line of products and services for identifying people and goods: software, accessories, signature pads and services.


GET Group, an established market leader in high-quality Printing and ID solutions, servicing more than 20 Governments worldwide with highly secure identity documents & more than 100,000,000 Government IDs & 5,000,000 passports.

Graphic Security Systems

Graphic Security Systems is the inventor and provider of  Scrambled Indicia®, the covert technology that has encoded images and information into passports, driver licenses, postage stamps, security documents,  packaging materials and labels since 1981. Now also available for encoding e-passports and chip cards.

Compatible with all print technologies including laser engraving on polycarbonate.

Many forms of decoding available: Optical decoding with a simple glass lens; machine reading via office scanners, card scanners or desktop passport readers; and authentication over the Internet.

HID Citizen Identity solutions

HID’s Citizen Identity Business brings together the most trusted physical, mobile and biometric identity solutions for civil governments, criminal justice and defense departments to equip nations in building a more secure and trusted world.

IAI Industrial Systems

IAI industrial systems supplies industrial systems to personalise passports and ID-cards and systems to secure documents with a laser perforation. IAI’s systems and features are used in leading documents world-wide.


IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities, such as pay, connect, travel, in the physical as well as digital space.

IN-CORE Systèmes

Leading supplier of optical technology based solutions, combining quality assurance of incoming security materials & manufacturing processes to get production right for banknotes & secure products with full traceability solutions.

ITW Security Division

ITW Security Division is a producer of secure document consumables for the Passport & ID Card markets. The company is based in USA, France and UK.

Jura JSP GmbH

Graphic security software packages for intaglio and offset design.
Patented personalization, hidden features, brand protection.
High-resolution platesetters for intaglio and offset.
Quality control for all security files and plates.

Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity

Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity offers a clear and concise overview of the latest developments in the security document and identity markets. With its mix of up-to-date news and in-depth features, it is the specialist journal for the security document industry.


Luminescence Sun Chemical Security manufacture security and specialist printing inks for customers in over 130 countries. Our technologies are used a wide range of identity documents in over 60 countries.


Luminochem develops and produces innovative luminescent photoactive materials for security printing inks, security printing and hidden marking.


According to international standards, modern travel and identification documents contain an embedded chip to store and protect citizen credentials against forgery and illegal cloning. MaskTech is the #1 independent provider of high security operating systems for smart cards and customized cryptographic ICs for Government ID programs.

Matica Technologies AG

Matica Technologies develops, manufactures and markets proprietary high performance, mid-range and desktop solutions for industrial card personalization and card mailing systems. Matica offers a full range of products for Secure ID and Secure Payment applications.


Microblink is an AI company developing computer vision technology for mobile and web apps that makes life easier for more than 100 million end-users.


Cutting-edge technologies and solutions by the single-source technology partner for the production and personalization of smart cards, ePassports and RFID applications.


NXP® Semiconductors N.V. enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world that make lives easier and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions, NXP is driving innovation in this market. 

OVD Kinegram AG

OVD Kinegram AG, based in Zug, specializes in the design, production and supply of the KINEGRAM® optical security feature to protect government documents and bank notes. Trusted by over 100 countries and used to protect more than 500 government-issued identity documents, the KINEGRAM is one of the most important security features for preventing counterfeiting and verifying authenticity.


Trusted by governments, security agencies and card issuers around the world, PPG TESLIN® substrate delivers inherent security and superior durability to identity travel documents and other credentials.


PREHKEYTEC is a leading data capture and data input manufacturer, providing OEM’s and integrators across multiple industries with advanced solutions for a range of data capture and input needs.

Radece papir nova

Radeče papir nova is one of the leading producers of secure paper solutions. We manufacture paper that incorporates various security features designed to prove the authenticity of the material and prevent falsification of documents.


Regula is the leading developer of specialized equipment for automatic travel documents authentication, forensic examination of secure documents and electronic information reference systems of passports, IDs, visas, driver’s licenses and banknotes. Learn more at

secunet Security Networks AG

secunet Security Networks AG is one of Germany’s leading providers of superior IT security. In a close dialogue with its customers – enterprises, public authorities and international organisations – secunet develops high-capacity products and IT security solutions. In the area of biometrics, secunet offers solutions and know-how for the complete life cycle of electronic passports, identity documents, residence permits, and visas.


SICPA, the leading provider of security inks and integrated security solutions, protects most of the world's banknotes and security documents while offering sophisticated tools for border crossing management and security. A trusted partner of governments, central banks and security printers, we provide cutting-edge technologies to address every client’s specific security needs.

Speed Identity

An innovative, Swedish family-owned technology development company that supplies market leading biometric solutions for data capture. All development of hardware and software is made within the company.


Thales is a global high technology leader investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations – connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum technology – to build a future we can all trust, which is vital to the development of our societies.

Veridos - Identity Solutions by Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei

Veridos GmbH creates secure and pioneering identification and identity solutions for the international market. As a joint venture of Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Munich, and Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Berlin, Veridos pools the specialist expertise, the many years of experience, and the innovative power of the two largest German providers for high-security technologies.


Vision-Box is dedicated to improving the quality, convenience, efficiency and security in travel and border control offering biometric-based digital identity management solutions. Vision-Box is partner of the most prestigious Governments, Airports and Airlines enhancing citizen services and traveler experiences, establishing identity ground-truth through high performance enrollment, verification and authentication, while enabling multi-directional data transactions and actionable intelligence. Vision-Box develops state-of-the-art user-centric citizen touchpoints, custom front-end applications and collaborative orchestration software, towards a premium experience and service level.

X Infotech

X Infotech is a global provider and integrator of software solutions for electronic identity documents and payment cards. X Infotech solutions are behind and integrated into e-passport, national ID card, driver’s license, payment and social smart card programs in dozens of countries around the globe.

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Regula is the leading developer of specialized equipment for automatic travel documents authentication, forensic examination of secure documents and electronic information reference systems of passports, IDs, visas, driver’s licenses and banknotes..
Radece papir nova
New: R Copy® antibacterial paper that also offers protection against coronavirus. Developed to provide health security and peace of mind. Produced by Radece papir nova.